Ronit Reinhard

Executive Director of Corporate Operations

Ronit Reinhard joined the Manhattan Prep team in 2002. No one can really pinpoint exactly what it is that Ronit does, but her many responsibilities as Executive Director of Corporate Operations include managing instructor assignments, overseeing the recruitment department, and maintaining the company payroll. Ro-neat (and yes, she is a female!) is often found in front of her computer typing away furiously as she juggles course requests, payroll questions, and instructor schedules. She enjoys getting way too many emails from instructors. In fact, she once thought that her overwhelming popularity among instructors was driven primarily by her witty banter and bubbly personality, but now concedes that her unofficial status as “Keeper of Paid Assignments” might be playing a small role as well.

Ronit grew up in sunny California and moved to New York when she started college. Despite majoring in Management Information Systems, she decided to forget about computer programming and, instead, she interned for Congressman Dennis Kucinich in Washington, DC. She quickly realized that politics was not her calling and turned to Manhattan Prep instead. After living in NYC and working at Manhattan Prep's trendy Chelsea office for 6 years, Ronit decided she'd had enough of that lifestyle and relocated to Florida with her husband, Kenny. She now works from home, but frequently flies back to NY to make sure that her old drawers stay completely organized. The only flaw is that she now has to drive 6 miles to get her morning Jamba Juice smoothie instead of walking down the block from her old NYC, West Village pad. She enjoys playing volleyball, listening to live cover bands, and spending as much time as she can with her 3 children (Stephanie, Jessica and Jack).

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