Noah Teitelbaum

Executive Director, Pre-Business Programs

Noah has worked in education for years, beginning in 2001 with his first public school class in Harlem. There he learned “through painful trial and error” the fundamentals of lesson planning and delivery, and he was able to see how truly hard it is to be a teacher. He then taught math at North Star, one of the premier inner-city charter schools in the country. There he began training other teachers and developing curriculum and computerized assessment and analysis tools. This led to him becoming a teacher-trainer for New York and New Haven charter school teachers. During this time he authored and co-authored several handbooks on teaching and curriculum. These include Questioning in the Math Classroom for Deeper Understanding, a detailed look at the types of questions that lead students to gain authentic understanding and intellectual flexibility. Noah specializes in helping teachers develop both a critical eye to their own teaching and a sense of how to make classes effective and interesting. Not surprisingly, Noah’s students consistently garner great scores and rate him as excellent. Like all the instructors at Manhattan Prep, he has impressive scores on the tests he teaches (LSAT, GMAT, and GRE).

Though the gossip in the teacher’s lounge was quite juicy, Noah left the schools to work as a director of Manhattan Prep’s curriculum and instructor development team, where he was asked to re-write curriculum, books and, through regular training sessions, maintain the renowned quality of our instructors. Later, he started our company’s LSAT business. Now serving as Executive Director of our GMAT Program, Noah gets to wear lots of hats but he continues to find teaching to be the most fun part of his job.

Prior to teaching, Noah worked in Croatia for the United Nations, monitoring human rights violations and ensuring humanitarian assistance and legal protection for refugees. Previous to that he had volunteered as a health worker in various countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, where among other things, he learned creative ways to convince children to wash their hands. When not teaching, Noah is an avid hiker, an eager sci-fi devourer, a meh guitar player, and a happy husband and father (no, the Tinybaums aren’t read LSAT passages as bedtime stories).

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