5lb Book of LSAT Practice Drills, 1st Edition

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The 5lb Book of LSAT Practice Drills offers over 1000 pages of drills that target what we like to call “microskills.” When an expert takes this test, their brain is doing one hundred (and eighty!) things at once, and most of them intuitively. That’s skill at the macro level. This book takes that expert process and breaks it down from the macro level to the micro level. Instead of testing all of your skills at once, as a PrepTest would, this book tests skills in isolation so you can master them one at a time. Beginning with the skills that are the building blocks of the LSAT, this book offers opportunities to learn, practice, and review all of the skills that make up an expert performance.


    Everyone! No matter how you’ve been prepping or how you hope to prep, this book, the first of its kind, will supplement your LSAT preparation. You don’t need know our lingo or the particulars of how we set up games. You can be an LSAT novice or an LSAT veteran. The skills this book drills are applicable and accessible to everyone, at every stage of their LSAT prep.